Friday, September 17, 2010

Hector Aleem Update 08-15-10

The family of Hector Aleem  sent out another update on  the status of his case. Unfortunately, the latest hearing accomplished nothing because his lawyer declined to participate due to lack of funds.

    We don't need to read between the lines to see that the stress is wearing his family's patience very thin.  They are fatigued & frustrated, as anyone  would be in their situation.

    If you are able and willing to contribute to the cause of obtaining justice for Hector,  you can find donation information in their Facebook group.  You may think that cases  such as Hector Aleem's are remote, happening in  Asia, but they will not remain remote unless we stop  Islam's infiltration & subversion of Europe and America.  Unless we act soon, we will be facing the same kind of persecution in our own countries.

Mehwish Aleem September 15 at 10:34am Reply
Dear Group members
Nothing happened in today's hearing because our lawyer didn't appear on today's hearing
We are more deserving than any other flood victim. They lost their house and everything because of natural disaster but we have lost everything of ours because of nothing. I just hate it. Why people are donating them who wont even appreciate because they consider it KAFIR (infidel) MONEY but we are Christians and waiting for help for two years but nobody came forward. I thank every body who has donated but still we need lots of money because of our lawyer, I asked lots of organisations but nobody agreed I am very sure if we were Muslims all these organisations would have helped us 100 times. people are donating these flood victims in millions but nobody can donate us $5000, we dont have much to eat but still we say that our father should be out we dont need money for anything else but I think people are heartless. We have paid our lawyer $1000 and unlimited to his clerk for filing and papers and to him for the gas of his car this amount makes another $1000 and he doesn't considers it as fee but only expenses for him but he didn't appear in court in today's hearing because he want all money together. Even our own church didn't help us. I get $1,$2 or $5 and sometimes $50 or $100 which is very rare. What can this amount do? A sister is helping us in collecting donations and I know she is having too much trouble even from her own Church and I asked another brother to request people for donation on his group but he refused because he said telling people to collect money will lessen his readers and members, they all will leave the group immediately. People can spend $15 or $20 in buying useless Shane Dawson or Shay Tard shirts or buy farmville or mafia wars cash but they can't help someone who's life is in risk. We are living in this difficult country that we cannot even do jobs. But nobody even arranged any asylum for us.


Mehwish Aleem

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