Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rub Salt in the Wound: Reissued!!!

Rita Jones has edited Salt in the Wound to remove the copyrighted Getty image, and has permission from the photographers to use the images now included in the video. This video, while extremely entertaining, has a message whose importance can not be over estimated nor exaggerated.

    If you love life, if you love liberty; if you want to preserve  & perpetuate America and the  supreme values enshrined in  our Declaration of Independence & Constitution, then you will, by God and the internet, make this  top notch video go viral!!!  

    The creator of this  wonderful video left a comment on one of my original blog posts alerting me to the re-issue and including a link. Unfortunately, the link derived from the YouTube  form is broken. I fixed it, and have posted the repaired link for you. Who will you email it to first?

    I edited the dimensions to fit  the format of certain blogs where I post.  I will be  cross posting this, on a total of  nine blogs.  One of them will vaporize in a few weeks, but I  am convinced that this is worth the effort. The original, unedited embed code which displays 480X385  is included below. Copy it and paste it into your html code to embed the video.

For the love of liberty, do everything you can, right now, to make this wonderful video go viral!!!  I  shared it on Facebook.

    The Cordoba House.Park 51/Ground Zero Mosque project, under any name, no matter how disguised, is a symbol of Islamic triumphalism & supremacy, a place where we will be cursed seventeen times each day.  A place where the fard al-kifaya of genocidal jihad conquest will be preached; where Muslims will pray for our defeat and destruction.  .

    Wake up, wise up, rise up and scream NO!!!

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