Friday, December 02, 2016

Venting The Stink Of Jimmy Farter: Two State Solution!!

Venting The Stink Of Jimmy Farter: Two State Solution!! The "spirit of Camp David' is an odiferous fart passed by Jimmy Carter when, much to the detriment of this nation and the world, he  'served' as President.  That fart is long over due for dissipation before the wind of truth.

    'Palestine' is Israel: a corruption of a name imposed by Rome as an insult to the Jews after a rebellion.  'Palestinians' are Jews. It's Falestine, Stupid! Arabs can not pronounce the P in 'Palestine'.  Its  Roman turd, not an Arabic word.  Falestinian People is a recent invention, dating from 1920 and popularized in the '70s.

    No state of Falestine ever existed. No such people ever existed, and never will if there is any morality in international affairs.

    Carter asked Obamination to recognize Falestine and support a Security Council resolution to destroy Israel.  Pretending that he wants  Jewsish & Falestianian states living side by side in peace and security, he  wants us to believe that Falestinians share those objectives.  They don't and while they are Muslims, they won't.
    Their tactical objective is a Falestinian state instead of Israel. Their strategic objective is regional and global conquest leading to the formation of a global caliphate, a theocracy not a democracy.  Rather than rewrite an old blog post, I have embeded it below for the benefit of the details it contains.  Read it and curse Islam, Falestine,  Falestinians, the United Nations and Jimmy Carter.   

Two State Solution Peace in a Pig's Anus! by Kab Ashraf on Scribd

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Our Canuck Curmudgeon, Uncle Vladdie submitted a lengthy comment which the editor would not allow. I have therefore posted it as a new post because it adds a great deal of historical evidence of the falsity of the Falestinian Narrative: