Friday, September 08, 2017

MilliGazette's Hypocrisy

MilliGazette's Hypocrisy One of my Google Alerts turned up this article:

American Muslims 16 years after 9/11

    The article's major theme is assigning blame for perceived Islamophobia/bigotry/racism to Chump and his administration.
These are the headers used in the article:

Nationwide anti-Islam rallies

Trump fulfills promise to ban Muslims

Bills introduced in US Congress to designate Muslim Brotherhood s terrorist organization

American Muslim groups condemn Trump's Termination of DACA Program

On the positive note

    While the article provides a target rich environment for deliaring, I chose to concentrate on what I believe to be the most important Taqiyya.  The Moderator, as is his right, declined to publish my comment. I choose to publish it here:

The legislation to designate al-Ikhwan as a FTO is myopic & Moronic. I prefer Sen. Cruz to Chump and voted for him in the primary. I would gladly vote for him again in '20. But he does not see the forest for the trees. It is Ummah al-Islamiyya, not al-Ikhwan that should be a designated  Foreign Terrorist Organization.  Designating Islam would include all it's appendages including the Brotherhood and CAIR.

Muslims have overlooked something. Moe ordered them not to carry the Koran with them on ghazwat & sariya unless they were certain of victory 'cuz  we might use it against them. 

Now your canonical texts, exegesis, jurisprudence and biography have been translated to English and uploaded to the web. We can read them and many of us have. .

Now we know about the ayat that sanctify and command acts of terrorism, perpetual war, genocide, pillage, plunder, rape & slavery.  We learned how Moe got his income after  his cougar died, how Allah made him wealthy and victorious.  Flee at once, all is known.

    Rejecting that comment indicates that the Moderator recognized it as true and valid. He obviously doubts the ability of the author and other commentators to refute it.  The penultimate sentence in my comment packs a factual punch. "What's Wrong With Islam & Muslims" & "Islam's Mercenary Mission", embedded in the "Islam 101 For Politicians" page, document those facts which should be fatal to Islam.

Muslim Ban

    Chump did not ban Muslims! He banned unvetted individuals from six nations because it is impossible to document their intentions. The ban is limited and temporary.  We need a complete, total, permanent and retroactive ban on Muslims because Muslims are enemy combatants.
    According to Islamic law, every Muslim must be an "object of fear" to infidels because of they are likely to attack us.  There is no security and can be none while the enemy fifth column is encamped within our borders.


    The first amendment guarantees us the right to peacefully assemble  and express our opinions. The Constitution does not give Anarchists, Communists, Muslims & illegal aliens a right to assault us while we are so assembled. 

    It is true that normal Americans are less organized and motivated than our enemies. We are not paid by George Soros and a host of foundations.  But Act For America chickened out because of threats of violence from Antifa  and the reluctance of law enforcement officers to enforce the law.


    Objection to Jihad, terrorism, genocide, extortion, pillage, plunder & rape, based on factual evidence, is not racism and Muslim is not a race. Did Ayaan Hirsi Ali changer her race when she apostatized? Last time I looked, she was still Black.  Wikiislam has the scoop on Islamic racism; read it and get a clue.


    From 3.110 & Sahih Bukhari 4.52.65 we learn that Muslims are the best of peoples as they bring us to Islam with chains on our necks.  From 9.33 we learn that Islam must be made superior. From Muquaddimah we learn that "In the Muslim community, the holy war is a religious duty, because of the universalism of the (Muslim) mission and (the obligation to) convert everybody to Islam either by persuasion or by force."


    Is there anything less relevant to Islam?  What proportion of Illegal Alien  Mexicans are Muslims?  Nations have borders to prevent invasion and subversion.  Mexico has severe punishment for illegal immigrants.

    The brats came here illegally, with their illegal alien parents. Why should they receive preferential treatment over those following legal immigration procedures?  Obamination could not get the Dream Act through Congress, so he imposed it with an unconstitutional usurpation of legislative power. Chump is reversing his illegal act. That is no skin off Muslim snouts.

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