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Trump: Damned Fool In NYC~United Nazis Peace In a Pig's!

Trump: Damned Fool In NYC~United Nazis Peace In a Pig's!     President Trump is meeting with world leaders on the sidelines at the United Nazi convention. I have selected several  files from the White House. I intend to search them for lies & Moronic statements about  'Peace'. I will mark my findings with superscripts internally linked to my incendiary commentary which will follow below the horizontal line.

Lotte New York Palace Hotel
New York, New York

10:32 A.M. EDT

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you very much. It's a great honor1 to have President Abbas from the Palestinian Authority with us and his representatives, who have been working very hard with everybody involved toward peace2. I mean, we're looking seriously at peace, and maybe, ultimately, peace in the whole of the Middle East. And I think we have a pretty good shot -- maybe the best shot ever -- and that's what we're looking to do.3

And I just want to thank you for all of the time, all of the meetings, all of the work. It's a complex subject; always been considered the toughest deal of all. Peace between Israel and the Palestinians -- the toughest of all.

But I think we have a very, very good chance, and I certainly will devote everything within my heart and within my soul to get that deal made. Our team is expert; your team is expert. Israel is working very hard toward the same goal, and I must tell you, Saudi Arabia and many of the different nations are working also hard.

So we'll see if we can put it together. Who knows? Stranger things have happened. But I think we have a good chance, and it's a great honor to have you with us.

Thank you very much.

PRESIDENT ABBAS: (As interpreted.) I'm very delighted to be here with President Trump, and I thank you very heartfeltly for allowing us this opportunity to meet with you for the first time this year.

And if this is any proof to anything, it means -- it attests to the seriousness of Your Excellency, Mr. President, to achieve the deal of the century in the Middle East during this year or in the coming months, God willing.

And we are very certain that you, Mr. President, are determined to reach real peace in the Middle East. And this gives us the assurance and the confidence that we are on the verge of real peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

And I would not be giving away any secrets if I say we have met with your brave and active delegation more than 20 times since your ascension to power in the White House. And if this is any indication to anything, it indicates how serious you are about peace in the Middle East.

And I'm very thankful for these efforts, and you will find utmost seriousness on our part to achieve peace, because peace serves our interests and the interests of the Israeli people.

And allow me, Mr. President, to use this opportunity to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the Jewish people on the occasion of Rosh Hashanah today, and to the Muslim people on the occasion of the new Islamic year tomorrow. And this is a very sweet coincidence that we can celebrate the new year together within a 24-hour period, and if this is an indication to anything it means that we can coexist peacefully together.

Once again, Mr. President, we count on you.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, thank you very much. That's very nice of you. A very great sentiment, frankly. And I have to say, from the time I'm a little boy, I've been hearing about peace in the Middle East. And for so many years I've been hearing about peace between Israel and the Palestinians. And we're at a very important juncture -- there's a small period of time -- and we're going to see what we can do. There can be no promises, obviously. So many people have talked about it, and it's never happened.

But we're fighting very hard. We are trying very hard. We're all getting along together well. We'll see if we can do it. And if we do do it, it would be a great, great legacy for everybody -- for everybody.

So let's see what happens. Good luck, everybody. Good luck. And you have millions of people rooting for you, that I can say.

Thank you. Thank you very much, everybody.

Q Mr. President, have you decided what to do about the Iran Deal? Have you already made up your mind?

Q Is there any decision on Iran?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I have decided.

Q You have?

Q You have decided?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I have decided.

Q Will you remain in the deal, Mr. President?

Q Have you decided to stay or to leave?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, I have decided.

Q When will we know?

Q When's your decision?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I'll let you know. I'll let you know.

END 10:38 A.M. EDT

Lotte New York Palace Hotel
New York, New York

9:38 A.M. EDT

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, thank you very much. It's a great honor to be with the King of Jordan, who has been our partner and ally for a long time. And I think never has the relationship been better than it is right now.4

And we're working together on many problems, and some things that aren't problems that are very, very good. But we're going to make some of the bad ones turn out good.

I just want to thank you for everything you've done, in terms of the refugees and taking care of people that -- who knows what would have happened without you. So I want to thank you and I want to thank everybody involved with you, and you have done an amazing job.

Thank you.

KING ABDULLAH: Mr. President, thank you very much for having us here. And again, we've met several times this year, and I think that just shows the special relationship between our two countries and how closely we work together.

And I'm very grateful for your support to our country in these difficult times and the special bond between our two nations.

But I'd also like to extend our condolences on the victims of the hurricanes, but also how you, the government, the people, the first responders reacted to this crisis. I mean, for us sitting on the outside, looking at how the Americans came together at a difficult time, is really an example to everybody else. And we're very, very grateful for that.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, thank you very much.

KING ABDULLAH: And everything that we're doing to try and solve our problems.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: We have a big one going right now -- I've never seen winds like this -- in Puerto Rico. You take a look at what's happening there, and it's just one after another. But I think we are doing a good job.

I have to say this about the King: He is a very fine gentleman, a very nice man. He's also a great, great fighter. Some people have to understand that, right?

KING ABDULLAH: Well, sir, we're all fighting together. We have --

PRESIDENT TRUMP: We're all fighting together.

KING ABDULLAH: Terrorism is a scourge around the world, but I think Jordan will always stand beside you and your country. And we will overcome.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Good. Thank you so much. Thank you, everybody. Thank you.

END 9:40 A.M. EDT

Lotte New York Palace Hotel
New York, New York

2:02 P.M. EDT

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Well, thank you very much.  It's great to have Prime Minister Netanyahu with us today, a friend of mine for many years.  And it's a real honor, I have to say.  

We're going to be discussing many things; among them, peace between the Palestinians and Israel -- it will be a fantastic achievement.  We are giving it an absolute go.  I think there's a good chance that it could happen.  Most people would say there's no chance whatsoever.  5

I actually think with the capability of Bibi and, frankly, the other side, I really think we have a chance.  I think Israel would like to see it, and I think6 the Palestinians would like to see it.  And I can tell you that the Trump administration would like to see it.

So we're working very hard on it.  We'll see what happens.  Historically, people say it can't happen.  I say it can happen.

But I just want to say, Mr. Prime Minister, it's an honor to have you.  Thank you.

PRIME MINISTER NETANYAHU:  Great to see you.  Thank you.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Thank you very much.

PRIME MINISTER NETANYAHU:  Mr. President, it's great to see you again.  I want to say that under your leadership, the alliance between America and Israel has never been stronger, never been deeper.  I can say this in ways that people see and in ways that they don't see.  So I want to thank you for that.

Equally, I look forward to discussing with you how we can address together what you rightly call is the terrible nuclear deal with Iran and how to roll back Iran's growing aggression in the region, especially in Syria.

As you said, we will discuss the way we can seize the opportunity for peace between Israel and the Palestinians and between Israel and the Arab World.  I think these things go together, and we look forward to talking about how we can advance both.

Finally, we're going to be speaking tomorrow at the U.N., and I want to say that under President Trump, America's position towards Israel at the U.N. has been unequivocal, it's been strong, it's got both clarity and conviction.  And I want to thank you on behalf of the people of Israel and Israel's many friends around the world.  Thank you, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Thank you very much.

PRIME MINISTER NETANYAHU:  And also, as you well know, this is the Jewish New Year, this week.  So I want to wish you, the Jewish community of America, Jews everywhere, people everywhere, Shanah Tovah -- happy, healthy new year.  

Thank you, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Thank you very much.  Appreciate it.

Q    Mr. President, do you plan to stay in the Iranian nuclear deal?

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  You'll see very soon.  You'll be seeing very soon. 

Q    (Inaudible.)

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  We're talking about it constantly.  Constantly.  We're talking about plans constantly.

Q    Two-state solution?

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  We'll see.     

2:05 P.M. EDT 


    There is more honor in a pig's anus! Abbas is an accursed murderer, the bag man for the Munich Massacre.  Anyone who can get close enough should shoot the damned thing, not declare the meeting an honor!!  That makes it difficult to vote for Chump in '20 :)

working toward peace

    The Impeachment process just gained another supporter :(  I knew what I was voting for, but it was the lesser of evils. Chump is unworthy & unqualified for the office he holds, proving the Peter Principle.

    No GdM works for peace except through conquest. To GdM, peace is the condition of the world after Dar al-Islam completely subsumes and dominates Dar al-Harb.  Peace, to  'slimes, is the outcome of offensive global conquest. Has the damned fool bothered to read the PLO & HAMAS Charters?  Why the Hell not???!

    "From the river to the sea"; what damned fool does not comprehend that? It is the polar opposite of peace.  Arafat could have had a deal but did not want one. Likewise Abbas, death & damnation be upon him, and the sooner the better!

    Doubters, deniers & dissenters: pull your head out of your ass!!! I quote from Moe's most egregious extortion letter, which he dictated and dispatched to the rulers of a port city in  what is now Jordan.  The recipients were Christians.
You are safe. I praise Allah before
you; there is no God but He. I will not fight against you unless I write to you (in
advance). So, join the fold of Islam or [P. 29] pay the jizyah. Obey Allah and His
Apostle and the messengers of His Apostle, honour them and dress them in nice
clothes, other than the uniform of the ghazis. Provide Zayd with good clothes. If my
messengers will be pleased with you, I shall also be pleased with you. The jizyah is a
known thing. If you like that, peace might prevail over the land and sea; you should
obey Allah and His Apostle. You will not be required to pay dues you have been
paying to the Arabs and the 'Ajamis, and you will pay the dues to Allah and His
Apostle. If you send them (my messengers) back and do not please them, I shall not
accept anything from you, and shall wage war against you and make your young
ones captive and shall stay your elders.

   If you do not comprehend that, you are a damned fool, incompetent to live; remove yourself from the gene pool!



    In a pig's ass! What part of "from the river to the sea' does the damned fool not comprehend? Had he bothered to read the Unholy Koranus & Sahih Bukhari, he would know that there will never be peace while the world is infested with GdM.
    Isdamn is permanent war!  GdM are obligated to do Satan's wet work. Allah will continue to send, until Ressurection Day, someone to torment and humiliate the Jews. Who might he send? Can you get a Godblessed clue for Chrissake?!


    The same rules apply as in the case of Israel. Regional and global conquest are mandatory for GdM.. Sunni & Shi'ia fight over acquisition, retention and expansion of power. They are Arabs and  Chump is ignorant! If  the SandMaggots made peace today, the regional conflicts would continue as before.


    Abbas thanked Chump in advance for selling Israel down the river. He expects Chump to force Israel to make suicidal concessions. So do I. :(


    Abbas, AssWhole that he is, knows damn well that congratulating Kuffar on their holidays is haram. (Look it up in Bukhari's Book of Adab, i ain't gonna do all your homework for you.) It is tantamount to apostasy.  It proves that if you could crystalize his sincerity and multiply it a million times, it would still pass easily through a mosquito's ureter.


    In Hell!  Isdamn is permanent war, coexistence is impossible!!!  For the disgusting details, read this.


    To be in the presence of a two faced AssWhole who maintains a fake peace treaty for the sake of image while cooperating with terrorists and blaming their victims. Chump, you dishonor America with your ersatz diplomacy!

partner and ally

    Damned Fool alert!!! Several ayat expressly proscribe equal and inferior relations with infidels!!! Muslims are commanded not to take Jews & Christians as protectors, partners, allies nor friends.  3:28, 3:118,   4:894:1394:1445:515:5758:1458:2260:160:13  What part of that does Chump not comprehend?


    Abdullah mentions that  'cuz, like his father's, his throne is threatened by power hungry 'slimes. Does anyone remember 'Black September'?  The Islamic State is at the gates and SandMaggots are within the walls. But the King is a GdM, which makes him a terrorist. He worships a terrorist demon and follows a terrorist Profit.

    Deniers, dissenters & doubters: kindly kiss my foot, the big, deformed, ulcerated, smelly one.  The facts of terrorism should be fatal to Islam if widely understood. I have documented them for you.

No Chance

    Blessed right! There was, is and will  be no chance of peace while GdM infest the globe!  They are commanded by their demon to conquer the entire world, promised eternity in his celestial orgy if they try and eternity in his fire pit if they do not.  If a GdM believes, what will he do?!

    To GdM, Israel's restoration is the ultimate blasphemy: living proof of Allah's impotence. He promised them the world, gradually, in conquests, with none to put back his judgment. That means Umar's conquest of Jerusalem is irreversible.  But the Jews reversed it and GdM can never tolerate that.

    Deniers, dissenters & doubters: kiss my foot! I previously documented the fatal facts for you. Read'em and weep.


    Your stinking thinking will set the region afire, if not the whole world. Like Obamination, you emote instead of thinking rationally. To properly think about a problem, you must first define the problem domain and  you lack the requisite background information. Give it another try after you read the Unholy Koranus, Sahih Bukhari and Al Sayir in the second volume of Hedaya..

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