Friday, September 28, 2018

Abdullah ibn al-Hussein's Lies To The UN 9-25-18

Abdullah ibn al-Hussein's Lies To The UN 9-25-18 How do you know when a Muslim is shittin' you?  When his lips are moving!  Abdullah ibn al-Hussein opened his lie hole at the United Nations September 25, '18 and spewed camel excrement. The Monarch of Jordan, being a Muslim, is a liar.  Contrary to my usual practice, I have embedded video of the speech and a transcript in pdf format to which I have added sticky notes in which I expose the truth about the King's abominable deceptions.

    I have not added links to the sticky notes, instead I am adding links to blog posts and documents which expose the fatal facts of Islam relevant to the lies spewed by the King of Jordan.

jo_en by on Scribd

The "two state solution" is an abominable lie; part of the problem, not the solution. This document explains it.

The Islamic scripture, exegesis, hadith and jurisprudence relative to Jihad are documented in this file:

The Islamic scripture, exegesis & hadith  relevant to terrorism are exposed in this document:

A more recent series of blog posts detailed and documented exactly why peace is impossible. You would do the world a great service by inducing   President Trump and his peace plan team to the fatal facts.

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