Saturday, September 29, 2018

MahmoudAbbas Spewed Turds to the UN Sept. 27 '18, I Answer him 🖕 I Curse Him👎

MahmoudAbbas Spewed Turds to the UN Sept. 27 '18, I Answer him 🖕 I Curse Him👎 The most damnable terrorist Mahmoud Abbas lied and inverted truth, justice, morality & reality before the General Assembly September 27, 2018
 That piece of feces should not have been given a visa to attend! His lies must be refuted. I therefore embed in this post a transcript of his turds, with my incendiary refutations in sticky notes. 

    Documentation of the fatal facts of Isdamn, relevant to my commentary are contained in several files linked at the end of this post. Why reinvent the wheel?  Peaced in a pig's ass! There was no peace since 624, Is no peace and will be no peace until Isdamn is extinct!

    Occupation: Israel is occupied by Muslims, the exact inverse of the claim made by Abbas. Resistance: it is Israel that resists Muslim aggression!

    Terrorism: Muslims are terrorists; Allah is a terrorist; Muhammad was a terrorist!  Isdamn is terrorism!!!

    Peace Process: CamelShit!!!!! Isdamn is permanent war!!!

ps_en by Kab Ashraf on Scribd

The "two state solution" is an abominable lie; part of the problem, not the solution. This document explains it.

The Islamic scripture, exegesis, hadith and jurisprudence relative to Jihad are documented in this file:

The Islamic scripture, exegesis & hadith  relevant to terrorism are exposed in this document:

Allah is Satan, not God! These  two files document the fact, which must be fatal to Isdamn.

A more recent series of blog posts detailed and documented exactly why peace is impossible. You would do the world a great service by inducing   President Trump and his peace plan team to the fatal facts.

Why Peace Is Impossible

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