Friday, July 09, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque: the Fix

A fiery post by Barenaked Islam brought a detailed and well illustrated post by Atlas Shrugs to my attention. According to Pam Geller, the Landmark Commission met on a 1.5 week notice to consider its recommendation on granting protected landmark status to the Burlington Coat Factory which the Muslims seek to replace with a Mosque as a symbol of Islamic supremacism.

One journalist noted that the "CB1 Landmarks committee, which is a stickler for details when someone wants to install new windows or awnings, voted to recommend to the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission that landmark status not be given to the two antique buildings on Park Place that the owner wants to tear down to build the mega-mosque at Ground Zero."

The historical significance of the property is clear: it was designed by the famous architect Daniel D. Badger. A number of his buildings have already been given landmark status. The New York Times obituary (19 Nov. 1884, p. 2) for Daniel D. Badger (1806-1884), read in part, "Daniel D. Badger, the pioneer of this country in the use of iron for building purposes" ....... Further, the building was the headquarters of Merck & Company from 1911 to 1925.

More importantly, his building has special historical significance because of 911. It was part of the attack. The landing gear of one of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center towers flew out to the Burlington Coat Factory building, and fell through the roof to the basement. The fact that the committee ignores that fact is outrageous, and disrespects the victims of 911.

It is obvious that the Landmarks Commission is going to deny landmark status at its meeting next Tuesday. Again, why the mad rush? So that the mosque can open on the tenth anniversary of September 11th, as promised?

Geller states that the building has historical, architectural & cultural significance. And, of course, part of one of the aircraft rests in its basement. She includes historical details and photographs of the facade.

The full board is scheduled to meet later this month, but they want to ram the vote through in a hurry, Tuesday. Why the rush when?

The LPC has had the Property “calendared” for landmark consideration since 1989, tabled for 22 years. Only within the last two weeks has it provided the public notice that it would be making a decision. It is doing this without full public input, and in the dead of summer, when many people aren't around to provide input.

There probably is no way to get the local state or federal governments to stop the Cordoba House project. Its opponents must act to make the project too costly in terms of public relations.

Rick Barber's campaign spot and Pat Condell's curmudgeonly video excoriating the project led the way, pointing out the fact that the Abomination was done in Allah's name, with shouts of "Alla-hu Akbar!" while slitting the flight crew's throats. Pam Geller followed up by referring to the project as a symbol of Islamic supremacy in several televised interviews.

We need more of those advertisements & interviews and more street protests, and we need more people involved in those demonstrations. Cordoba House must be made too costly in terms of associating Islam with terrorism, triumphalism & supremacism. The proposed erection of a mega Mosque two blocks from the scene of a horrific sneak attack upon civilians affords an opportunity to expose the damnable doctrines of Islam to public view.

Why are there two Mosques, but no Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount? Why do Muslims strive to destroy any archaeological evidence of the Temples and sever the historical connection of Jews to Jerusalem? Why did they tear down pagan temples and build Mosques on the ruins when they conquered India? Why did they replace churches with Mosques in Constantinople?

Why do they shout "Allah is greater!" in Arabic while slitting throats? Those are the same takbir they use while sacrificing cattle for eid. Why won't the mainstream media point that out?

Why did Allah say "fight them" & "fight those who"? Why did Allah say "... nor they take any step to raise the anger of disbelievers nor inflict any injury upon an enemy but is written to their credit as a deed of righteousness."

Why did Allah say that he would cast terror and that he did cast terror, resulting in killing some, captivating others and seizure of their property? Why did Moe say that he was helped by awe and made victorious with terror?

Why can't Christians in Egypt repair and maintain churches? Why can't Christians in Saudi Arabia build churches or meet in the privacy of their apartments?

Muslims and their apologists among our elected officials strive diligently to suppress those fatal facts and questions. Connecting those fatal facts to the Cordoba House project is our best weapon against it. Only by expressly making that connection can we change the cost/benefit analysis of the project into the red.

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