Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hector Aleem Update 7-28

The trial drags on, a reminder of the fact that  there is no justice where Allah's writ runs. Will you let it run here?  Or will you rise up and resist?  Where Muslims rule they torment, persecute and kill Christians with impunity.  Do you look forward to being impoverished, tortured & persecuted; in constant fear of your life?  Do you anticipate living as a slave?  If not, then stand up and reject Islam, while  it is still possible to do so.

Kausar Aleem July 28 at 12:03pm 
Hello everyone

Sorry we always get so tired when its Hector Aleem's hearing. 26th July 2010 was the hearing in the High Court but we were told that we wont have to come because Judge will give another date. I dont know why Judge is choosing some other day for our case but hope everything will be okay. We did not go to High Court but we went to the Session Court, We have a stay in the Session Court because our case is being processed in the High Court. There we met Hector Aleem for like just two minutes, we told him that there are many brothers and sisters who are praying or him. He was happy to know that many people are praying for him and he said "when many people are praying for me then sure God will listen their prayers and will give me freedom asap". Another thing I wanted to tell you is on the day before 26th July 2010, four men were severely injured because someone shot them. And thats the same Court my husband goes to, so today Hector was given security. But still we need your prayers.

Please keep on donating for Hector's legal funds because the case is being processed and lawyers do not work without fee. Those who have already donated, thank you very much. And those who cant donate, please tell your friends to donate and keep on praying for Hector Aleem.

We are Christians living in a Muslim state and our lives are in danger. We cannot even go out to do some job to earn money. We cannot do anything because of the danger from extremists. My Children cannot study anymore because their lives are in danger.

Since 22 January 2009 (The day Hector Aleem was arrested), I have contacted many NGOs. Some of the NGOs which we have contacted are the following:

1. Amnesty International
2. United Nations
5. Human Rights Commission of Pakistan
6 Voice of Martyrs
7. ICC

None of them gave us positive response and everyone refused to help us. You can even ask them why they did not help us. It was our last option to collect the donation. There are currently 1,192 group members, Its a request if anyone of you know any Organization who can help us out and give us a lawyer or legal funds then please do contact us.

You can donate through PayPal or you can donate through Western Union. We even had $3, so any amount helps.

Here is the link to PayPal:

God Bless You All
Wife Of Hector Aleem
Kausar Aleem

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