Sunday, July 04, 2010

Hector Aleem: Update

Sometimes it is good to be wrong. This is one of those times. I assumed that Hector had been murdered when he disappeared from the jail. The latest update from his family reveals that I was excessively pessimistic. Hector has been returned to the jail after being tortured.

The story of Hector Aleem's torment is illustrative of what happens when Islam gains power over people. Don't let this happen here!!

Mehwish Aleem July 3 at 4:12pm Reply
Dear all group members,

First of all welcome all new group members, please invite your friends to join this group.

1st July was daddy's hearing and luckily I got five minutes to meet him and he told me lots of things in those five minutes. Here are the details:

Daddy told me that people from FIA (Fedral investigation Agency) came and took daddy to some unknown place. There they kept him for five days and during those five days they beat him and tortured him mentaly and physically. Daddy told me that members of Sunni Tehreek (a terrorist organization in Pakistan) and their head Mulana Tahir Iqbal Chisti who is also the plantiff of our case was there. We only know that they tortured daddy, but we dont know how they tortured him because we had only five minutes. But daddy showed me his swelled hands and feet which had bruises on them. He was very very weak and he could barely stand. Then he told me that a person named Shehzad who is 25 years old and is locked up in a cell next to daddy's cell made a Crucifix on a bed sheet. Then he disrespected the Cross by walking on it and after that he urinated and spitted on it and then he wiped feces with it. When daddy informed Ashraf (head Warder) and Imtiaz (an Incharge who assists Ashraf) then they not only encouraged that man and also didn't take any action against him. They told him if he do it next time then they would be more happy of him and he would be given much more facilities in jail. In the end daddy said " first I was being tortured physically and now they are hurting me religiously and mentally". Daddy is not allowed to go to Church, not on Christmas nor Easter. He is not even allowed to pray in his own cell. Its a request to please tell the Suprietendent o the jail to let daddy pray and visit Church. I am giving you his address and phone number, but remember DO NOT day anything against Islam or Pakistan because that can put daddy's life in danger.

Here is the address: To the Suprintendant of Jail, Adyala Jail, Rawalpindi Pakistan.

Phone number o suprintendent is: 0092-51-557-4786

Daddy is being kept in a death cell which is a very small and dark room. He can only see the sky when he comes out for the hearing.

*****Update of Hearing*****

The Judge was absent so nothing happened and the next date is 7th July 2010. It is requested to please keep on donating as the lawyer is asking for his fee. The lawyer is not moving without the fee and we must give him the fee asap to get daddy out of that jail. You can donate through any way you want, and any amount you can. You can donate through pay pal and through western union or any other way.

Here is the link to the paypal:

And if you wanna donate through western union then contact Mehwish Aleem (in the group Admin)

We recieved each and every kind of amount, from $5 to $1000 so any amount helps.

Keep praying, we need your prayers


Mehwish Aleem

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Anonymous said...

The propaganda is a Pack of lies. 23.01.2011 case is pending in the court of Mr Sarfaraz Akhtar. Hector is a habitual criminal wanted in over 45 cases of fraud, forgery financial embazlment and cheating with poor and helpless Christian community in Islamabad in the name of a so called humanitarian organisation and getting funds from foreign donors on that account as well. Police Station Shahzad town, Islamabad has all the record of A Habitual Criminal and Cheater Hector Aleem. He has been proceeded against in the court by his own Christian brothers and sisters at large. This has been converted in to a muslim, Christian conflict just to earn money. A lot of misrepresentation has been continuously carried out by mehwish aleem and making false videos of other events in court and then associating them with Hector.