Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why Don't We Draft a Bill to Outlaw Islam ?

One signer of the International Qur'an Petition asked a question which deserves an answer.

If Islam is a terrorist org., and it is, than why don't we draft a bill to outlaw it from our country and encourage other countries to do the same. That is the real petition we should be getting out there. Richard Margarit

We can not outlaw Islam with an act of Congress because of the First Amendment. The free exercise clause forbids such legislation. Removing Islam from the penumbra of the free exercise clause requires an amendment to the Constitution. The amendment must recognize the fact that Islam is a predatory way of life with a religious component, not a religion in the normal sense of the word.

Such an amendment was proposed by Pedestrian Infidel in March of '07. That proposal inspired the Outlaw Islam!! petition. The first of this pair of links is to the body of the petition in html format including links to Islamic texts. The second link is to the petition's signature form. At present, it has 182 signatures.

Today, 37 people clicked through from Islam Exposed to Freedom Ain't Free and one more came from another source. Yesterday, the petition was viewed five times. Only one of those 43 readers clicked through to sign the petition. The total number of page views is 1,857.

It is up to us, Richard, to read & sign the petitions and share it with others. The list of on line petitions in the sidebar at Islam Exposed was one of the reasons cited by Pakistan's Ministry of Telecommunications for banning the blog.


Mmk said...

Why not christianity is not terrorist religion? And not Jews religion are not terrorist religion? Read History...

Ben said...

Christianity is not a terrorist religion because unlike Muhammad, Jesus Christ neither sanctified nor exemplified terrorism.

MMK is one of those hurting people who has been enslaved by the demon to whom he submits, in the delusion that it is God.

Let us pray for the salvation of MMK and the 1.3 billion other living victims of Islam even as we continue to reveal the truth about the war cult.