Sunday, August 01, 2010

Facebook Advocacy

An old post about a Muslim boycott of Facebook  demanding the  deletion of the Koran Toilet Paper Roll group still gets hits more than half a year after the boycott.  The group was pulled down, briefly restored and permanently deleted.

.Now two new pages have been created.  Everybody Burn Quran Day rapidly grew to 1974 followers.  It is evident that a fair proportion of those followers are Muslims who joined  so that they could comment on the wall posts.  The discussion threads have also been spammed by Muslims.

    Their plan is to commemorate the accursed abomination by burning  Qur'ans on September 11.  I hope that everyone will read it before burning it.  Only by reading the Qur'an can we discover the evil  enshrined between its covers.

    Several of their wall posts promote another new page:  I bet this 'Toilet paper' can get more fans than 'The Quran' which has 737 followers. Their wall is full of insulting, obscene and antisemitic statements and images posted by Muslims.

    International Burn A Koran Day, sponsored by the Dove World Church,  has 1740 followers.  Its wall is littered with Islamic graffiti.   This one is certain to increase in controversy as the summer heats up.

    Islamophobia  appears to be a new page with only 11 followers. Its name would lead one to expect  criticism of Islam's critics. Instead, the avatar is a photo of violent Islamic protest signs.  The wall posts include a video calling for termination of Islamic immigration  and another about the recent arrest of Christian missionaries in Dearborn.

    Against Islamophobia Worldwide (AIW) with 2727 members, appears to be tightly policed; I did not see any anti-Islamic postings on their wall.  When I clicked the Older Posts link at the bottom of the page, I found two posts advocating boycotting Israel. One more click lead to these wall posts. Click them to view full size images.

Evidently my guess about banning dissenters was correct, and they want another group I like to be "erased" .

   NO TO THE MOSQUE AT GROUND ZERO has 60,240 supporters. I am one of  them because the planned Mosque is a symbol of Islamic triumph & supremacy.

    Come now, and let us reason together is a new group dedicated to rational exchange, without mindless bashing. It has grown to 63 members including two Muslims. 


Historyscoper said...


Remember that Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man" about the Kanamits? Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are the real Kanamits.

Yes, Zuckerberg is a wannabe Bill Gates with designs on a monopoly in social networking, which would result in a new Dark Ages like Gates did with operating systems, and his whats-in-it-for-me practices trampling personal and privacy rights to position himself for riches no matter whom he hurts are despicable, and are indicative of much worse to come, which is one reason he must be stopped. But it's far worse than it appears on the surface, because all the signals are there that he wants to rule the world as the Antichrist, for instance, keeping the company private and wanting everybody to give up their privacy to him and him alone, like in Revelation 3:16 where it says he will put his mark on everybody's forehead and no one will be able to buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast, Mark Zuckerberg. Forget the old theories that Bill Gates was the Antichrist, this could be the dude. Gates just kept holding you back with horrible buggy software, but Zuckerberg can get you where you live by owning and using your private data at will. If you could go back to the early 1980s and buy Microsoft's competitors' operating systems, wouldn't you, to stop Gates? Well wake up and stop the Beast, or you will live to rue these happy days when you failed to act. The only way to stop Zuckerberg cold is to boycott Facebook by deleting your account after telling your social network to do ditto, in hopes that a saner, safer, more democratic alternative will arise that connects everybody with proper safeguards against megalomaniac people and groups.

Learn more:

Anonymous said...

first read the Quran with its context and then think about it clearly and deeply.... the minds of you people are filled with hatered against islam because you are unwilling to know the truth about islam.... you gave some verses of Quran about jihad but did you study its context or explaination?? surely not.... and the Quran has also told about Moses, David, Eesa (christ) etc and the books revealed to them and their history... so which ever religion you follow... you should read it that what it has to say about the history of your religion.... the things mentioned in the Quran about killing jews and christians were because the broke the peace treaty in mecca... thats why it was written.... if you follow christianity... your bible forecasted the coming of Mohammad as the last prophet of God... why dont you study it.... afraid because it will change the way you think about Islam??
talking about terrorism.. no religion allows killing of innocent people...and neither does islam and in the quran it is stated clearly that one who kills a single innocent guy is killer of whole of the humanity.... READ IT CAREFULLY because many people like you who hated islam and were wanting to know what the quraan is teaching to the muslims EMBRACED ISLAM.... they converted on the truth.... now are you afraid that it will change you too....
does HITLER makes all christians bad????
or does the Jew Zionists make every jew bad... as in surah-e-fatiha you pointed at which we recite in prayers 5 times aday... yes we do PRAY that Lord keep us on the path of rightiousness and dont let us astary like those who have forgotten the right path...AND BELIEVE ME YOU PEOPLE HAVE.does the bible say to eat pork or it doesnot it tells to abstrain from them.. does it tells you to hurt others and talk bull shit about ather religions.. SURELY NOT... so you are way far from the right path..... here i could have said crap about BIBLE and christianity too but i didnt because Islam Teaches us to respect other religions... and BIBLE,TOORAH,INJEEL are sacred to us too like the Holy Quran... we believe in EESA(read surah mariyam of Quraan its all about MARRY AND CHRIST) read it then think about are right or wrong.... Now a days muslims are not 100% practicers of islam like christians are not 100% practicer of christianity.... but still truth is truth... face it and inquire about it... if you wanna say something then heres my e-mail