Wednesday, August 18, 2010

They're Trying to Shoot down the Dove

I received an email, reproduced below, from the Dove World Outreach Center, which originated the International Burn a Koran Day.  Pastor Jones reports that their bank  has called their mortgage and their insurance company has canceled their policy.

     While Pastor Jones did not state a cause for those actions, I  assume that the bank and insurer came under pressure from CAIR.  I hope that Landmark Legal or some other firm will take the case on and litigate pro bono  and seek  immediate discovery.  Nobody should be punished, by public or private agency, for telling the truth.

    I would prefer to see the Koran read not  burned.  It is only by reading Islam's canon of scripture, tradition, exegesis & jurisprudence that we discover how evil  Islam is.  Burning the Koran is a symbolic act which draws attention to its contents.  I hope that the call to burn the Koran will encourage you to read it.

     What does the Koran contain that makes Christians hate it?  It defames Jesus Christ, denying his paternity, divinity, crucifixion & resurrection. It curses Christians and it declares perpetual war against them. 

    That does not  bother you because you are an atheist?   Does the subjugation of women as chattel property bother you? Does  divine approval of wife beating bother you?

    But you are a male, so that's no problem; how about the prohibition of drinking & gambling, does that bother you?  My principal objection to Islam is its inculcation of hatred and incitement of violence.  After the accursed abomination 9/11, that should be sufficient for any rational person.

    I am not in a financial position to aid the mission of Pastor Jones and his congregation.  If you are, I hope that you will consider that worthy cause.  All I can do is contribute a little publicity, and I am doing that right now.

International Burn a Koran Day 9/11/2010


needs your support!

City of Gainesville denies burn permit - BUT WE WILL STILL BURN KORANS   

RBC Bank calls in mortgage - BUT WE WILL STILL BURN KORANS 

Cottons All-Lines cancels insurance - BUT WE WILL STILL BURN KORANS  

We will proceed with the Koran Burning Event, Saturday 9/11, 6-9pm, as planned. 

RBC Bank called in our mortgage with a limited time to pay it off. Now Cottons All-lines Insurance has also cancelled our commercial insurance on our property putting our mortgage in immediate default. We need to raise the $140,000 to pay off the RBC loan immediately.

We need your help!  Please send as generous a donation as possible.
Make checks payable to Dove World Outreach Center, 5805 NW 37th Street, Gainesville, FL 32653
or use our Paypal donation link on the main page of our    website here..
Thank you for your prayers and support. 
Call or send us an email at with your thoughts and questions. Stay in touch!
Dr. Terry Jones - Senior Pastor
Dove World Outreach Center
5805 NW 37th St
Gainesville, FL 32653


Anonymous said...

Shame on you Paster Jones.

How would you like it if your sacred book was burned. You are inciting racial hatred and violence. Not a very Christian thing to do. "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." You are spitting on Christ's teaching, and calling it Christian.

Anonymous said...

As far as Muslims are concerned, qoran are the words of God and they stay unchanged, burning it will not change our faith

i hope u are right and people will start to read it carefully..

Ben said...

Burning the Qur'an can only draw attention to its contents, whose characteristics make them extremely important: literalism,absolutism,perfection & immutability.

It is given and accepted by Muslims as the literal, final & perfected word of Allah which can not be changed.

This link will open it to the verse which commands permanent warfare against Jews & Christians. You can use the navigation links at the top to access any part of it.
Surah At-taubah 29

Anonymous said...

This has to be the funniest thing I've read all day! Thank you so much for your hateful ignorance. This colt you guys follow called a church is a joke and probably the closest thing to Nazism since Hitler. You're all embarrassing yourselves so take a hint folks.

Dante said...

Christians should unite to destroy Islam , Muhammad was a pedophile murderer (having relations with 6 year old girl Aisha ), thief , rapist, sexual degenerate (13 wives he bought) , curse Islam and destroy the Koran , support this Church and Pastor

Rhonda said...

Well Pastor, Ive got to hand it to you ... 50 members cannot support a preacher and pay the bills too so you've generated a new way to make money its just that you've gone a little to far don't you think. Leave those peoples Bible alone and you and your associate pastor get out and get real jobs. Ditch the guns, can't take them to public work places.