Monday, August 09, 2010

We will conquer you if you do not change your laws

Google brought me news of "When Islam Acts Like a Conquering Army", at AINA.  The article turned out to be critical of Mayor Bloomberg's treacherous policy as a surrender to Islam but it was written by a Muslim of Syrian heritage: Farid Ghadry. A visit to Wikipedia  turned up some information. Ghadry is the founder of a Syrian reform party.  He appears to be a study in contradiction: democratic Muslim.  

    I found Ghadry's blog and checked to see if  there was more, but found that AINA had published the entire article. I want to share the conclusion with you.

... If we let Saudi Arabia fund and build the Mosque in New York as a token of their triumphalism over the US for 9/11, we are in fact not applying the Freedom of Religion laws but rather, we are giving my religion the chance to conquer New York by planting its flag of victory.

Farid Ghadry either knows who is behind the Ground Zero Mosque or is making the obvious assumption.  Note the caustic language coming from a Muslim: "token of their triumphalism"... "planting its flag of victory".  It is clear that he understands what is happening and that he does not approve.

Mayor Bloomberg is focused on one set of laws when he should be investigating every religious edict or Fatwa of Islam that emanated from our scholars the last 25 years. But what if religion acts like a conquering army? How could we reconcile this fact with our laws? Being an American, laws will always prevail, but being a Muslim also, I have a warning: We will conquer you if you do not change your laws accordingly.
The US better reconcile between Freedom of Religion and Islam as a conquering army soon. The two cannot co-exist for long.

    Mayor Bloomberg focuses on the First Amendment, incorrectly applying the definition of religion, which does not apply to Islam.  The idea that a Mayor could or would keep track of the entire  contemporary  output of the Ulema is beyond the pale. Most Governors and even most Presidents won't even keep abreast of the established fiqh of jihad.

    Islam does not "act like a conquering army",  it is a complex, multi-faceted institution, whose most important facet is a conquering army.  Since Islam is at war against us, it can not be treated as a religion under the umbrella of the First Amendment's free exercise clause.  It can not have a right to wage war against us from our own territory and it can't have a right to erect a symbol of triumph to serve as an arsenal, recruitment & training center two blocks from the scene of its most successful attack.  

    We have been warned, by a Muslim, that Islam will conquer us if we do not change our laws to exclude it from First Amendment protection.  We have a Muslim using expressions  that do not pass the lips of the most articulate  expert "Islamophobes".  If Islam is a conquering army, it can not be considered a religion for First Amendment purposes.  The process is one of decision making and Constitutional  amendment, not reconciliation.

    The Cordoba House project is one skirmish on the psychological battle plane.  If we win it, Islamic jihad suffers a  psychological loss, whose effect will probably be minor and temporary.  If we lose this skirmish, Islamic jihad will achieve a great victory which will spur its cause by aiding recruitment, financing and morale.  The effects will be intense in the short term and project into the long term.  We will suffer a psychological defeat affecting our will and resolve to continue resistance to Islam's onslaught.

    Islam takes a long view. Like Wylie Coyote, it is persistent, always licking its wounds, regrouping, rearming and preparing new tactics for the next attack. It did not conquer Constantinople on the first try, but it persisted.   We beat the crap out of Germany twice, each time thinking that the victory was permanent. It was not the first time   We can not apply that model to Islam.  We defeated Islam in 1805 & 18:15.   Islam can not be permanently defeated, it must be rendered extinct.

    In the short term, we must stop the Ground Zero Mosque.  Sign this petition and the others which are circulating on the web.    If possible, attend the protest September 11.  In the near term, we must amend the Constitution to acknowledge the fact that Islam is perpetual war, not a religion.   Sign the Outlaw Islam! petition.  Exhort your friends, family & associates to sign those petitions.  

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