Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Bill Warner Moment: The Self-Taught Revolution Against Sharia

Bill Warner Moment: The Self-Taught Revolution Against Sharia

The above, courtesy of the "Glazov Gang" and Jihad Watch.

Amen, Dr. Warner, amen.

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Ben said...

Dr. Warner is correct. First, you need a solid grounding in the basis of Islamic law. For that, you need Tafsir al-Jalalayn which translates and comments on the Koran. Aisha Bewley's translation can be downloaded from the internet archive. It is brif compared to Tafsir Ibn kathir and easier to read but less detailed.

You also need hadith: one of the two sahis or one of the sunan. Malik's Muwatta is used in some doctoral level courses, as is Sahih Bukhari.

To build on that foundation, begin with an overview of Shari'ah: "A Summary Of Islamic Jurisprudence", which hits the high points.

If you want more detail, The Reliance Of The Traveller And Tools Of The Worshipper is the go to resource. It has been pulled down again, go to Amazon with $38. to get this 1251 page tome. The important stuff is in books O, M & N. Read'em and vomit. You will find choice quotes from book O in several of my blog posts.

If you need to know the laws relating to slavery, you must go to the first volume of Hedaya. Be prepared for turgid prose, archaic type face and 18th century Colonial English. The laws of Jihad are in the second volume, beginning on page 140. You will find two pages annotated at http://www.crusadersarmory.blogspot.com/

For the slavery stuff, you must read the chapters on punishments, marriage & divorce.

If you need a relatively brief, clear anad easy to read text and can tolerate a lower level of detail, try the Maliki fiqh: Risala. To skip the arcane stuff and get to the nub of the issue, go to chapter 30.

For links to those texts[except Reliance] see: https://www.scribd.com/doc/254741668/Book-List