Sunday, January 29, 2017

We must, per the orders of our Constitution, "tolerate" Islam

The Hill: Trump’s immigration ban is “the perfect ISIS recruiting tool”    

(posted at Jihad Watch)

The Hill is an execrable and cowardly rag, eager to kowtow to Left-fascists and Islamic supremacists, but this is over the top even for it," candidly declares, Robert, in the above article posted at Jihad Watch.
Speaking to that folly, earlier this morning, on Fox News, I heard one, who I believe is one of our elected officials, state, because our constitution declares, we will tolerate all religions, give no preference to none, therefore, we must do just that.
In other words, she was stating—and she should set the stage, slides, overhead projector and all, and there show us the flicks of endless acts that have their origin in the commands in the “holy texts” of Islam—we must tolerate obedience to Allah.
Therefore, I challenge that fool, to gather around her all of her colleagues who share her belief there,  step to the stage,  and, as stated above, show us flick by flick, city by city—New York, Boston, Orlando, Garland, Moore, San Bernardino, etc.-- precisely what it is we are, by the order of our Constitution, ordered to tolerate.
Then either we agree to do just that, or we muster the courage to revisit that document; do so, precisely with consideration of the realities concerning the doctrines of Islam, and, in brief, where called for, eliminate foolish suicidal orders.

As most know, as spoken to at another post at this blog, “in the early morning hours of 12 June 2016, in the early days of Ramadan 2016, honoring the tenets of his ‘religion,’” “Omar Siddiqui Mateen obeyed Allah.”


Ben said...

Is the Constitution a suicide pact? Does the free exercise clause give impunity to attack, plunder, pillage, rape and slavery? Islam entails those things. Allahhu Akbar is used equally in sacrificing hadi at eid ul-fitur and murdering an infidel. How in Hell can our organic law compel us to tolerate those who believe that their deity requires them to conquer us???

LibTards: I call you out!!! Go here and disprove the intrinsic evil of Islam point by point if you are able, otherwise sit down and shut up!!!

Debi Brand said...

Amen, Ben. Amen.

Once more. Indeed.