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Esteban Santiago and "watchword" "One!"

Fort Lauderdale shooter was “Aashiq Hammad” on MySpace, recorded Islamic music

Fort Lauderdale Airport shooter had told FBI he was forced to fight for the Islamic State

As spoken to in the above post posted at Jihad Watch, so too, at, as provided by commentator, "mortimer," in comments section of the latter above, Fort Lauderdale shooter, Esteban Santiago, was a good Muslim.

Thus, with that tabled, to the following:

“Bilal, who became Abu Bakr’s freedman,” reads the Sira record, “He was a sincere Muslim.” 1

Was so, not only after Islam became strong and dominate, post Hijra, but was so when Islam was yet weak, in Mecca, when the orders to the believers were much like those to the Christian: when railed upon, when persecuted, turn the other cheek. Like a good soldiers, endure suffering.

In that period, as Bilal endured his portion of suffering as a Muslim, the sira record relates, “Umayya b. Khalaf would place him outside at the heat of noon, then order that a huge rock be placed on his chest. He would then,” reads the narrative, tell Bilal, “By God, you’ll stay like this till you die, unless you disavow Muhammad and pray to al-Lat and al-‘Uzza.” 2

Often times, relates the said record, "the guards … paraded him in the quarters of Mecca.” 3 

And “ “Bilal,””sira relates, “ “while in that state, would only say, ‘One! One!’”” 4

The same record provides, “ “Waraqa b. Nawfal used to pass by Bilal when he was being persecuted in this way as he was saying, ‘One! One!’ Waraqa would then say to Bilal, ‘One! One! by God, O Bilal!’”” 5

Meanwhile, while that suffering was being endured, in the mind, soul, and heart of the alleged “prophet of Islam” was seething, the making, if you will, of a new and better “revelation”--the will, the resolve to toss to the side Christian principals of turning the other cheek. In their place make the rule the promise spit out by the said “prophet,” when he declared to the nobles of the Meccan  Quraysh, “Are you listening, O Quraysh? By Him in whose hand is my soul, I’m bringing you slaughter!’” 6 

Therefore, not long after that, concerning those who opposed the “prophet” and his “religion,” the order of the day soon was as was a common watchword among the Muslims: “Kill! Kill!" 7

As the sira record relates, as was common at that time, “friends were generally distinguished from foes by the use of watchwords,” therefore, “a general watchword” among the Muslims became, “O Victorious slay” (ya mansur amit).”  So too, was the watchword, the battle cry, “ “One God, One God” (Ahad, Ahad).”  8

Such was, provides the stated record, “to wit ‘O cavalry of God’ for the horsemen, ‘O Banu Abd ar-Rahman’ for Meccan migrants….they needed not be secret, since … these watchwords (shi’ar) were to be used,” as stated above, “to distinguish” friend from foe. 9

But should any of that, or more from the Islamic “sacred texts,” be of any moment to us?

Of course not.

Because, when it comes to Islam and those who live by its Guidance, our part is to play the role of the fools, the gullible, the subjects, the susceptible, and the defenseless ‘unsuspecting’ prey of the "lions" and "cubs" of the Ummah.

As such, our part is to absorb the brunt blow of the heaving swelling chest of the horsemen’s mount as it barrels into and over us. ' if we're lucky, seize if not a leg then a stirrup, if not that, then a perhaps a hoof, and if not that, then, hopefully, minimally,  at least a strand of hair from the tail of the steed that trampled us.

And prepare for the next bloodletting and loss of peace, property, freedom, loved ones, life and limbs,  as the Muslims, enjoying among us the freedom to practice the tenets of their faith, do just that.


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