Monday, January 09, 2017

US Embassy: This Year In Jerusalem!!!

   Update 12/05/17: According to news reports, President Trump will announce recognition of Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel and sign the damned waiver, kicking the can down the road.
He has no intention of moving the embassy, otherwise he would abandon the waiver.

   This is an obvious attempt to apply pressure on the Falestinians to come to the negotiating table. It will fail. Muslims want genocide & politicide, not peace.  They can not negotiate in good faith 'cuz Islam is a false faith.

   There is no two state solution. There is only a one state solution: Israel alone with no Muslims within rocket range.  

   Islam is existential war. It's extinction is the only victory; the only path to peace. See my 8 part series on Why Peace Is Impossible.
US Embassy: This Year In Jerusalem!!! Update 03/06/'17 An optimistic sigh: Breaking Israel News quotes Rep. Ron DeSantis as hoping that President Trump will allow the embassy relocation waver to lapse. As is to be expected, he leaves som wiggle room. President Trump would not renew the waiver that enables the President to postpone implementing the Congressional decision to relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem, said Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Florida), Chairman of the House Subcommittee on National Security, on Sunday. He is heading the committee’s tour to Israel to investigate moving the embassy. Speaking as a press briefing at Jerusalem’s King David Hotel, he said that he did not think President Trump would sign the waiver, which is due for renewal in May. “May will be close to the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Jerusalem, and I expect President Trump will let the waiver expire.” Ever since Congress enacted the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, the president has the right, under section 7, to sign a semi-annual national security waiver that enables him to postpone implementing the decision, citing national security interests. So far, all the presidents (Clinton, Bush, and Obama) who have held office since the measure was passed have consistently postponed relocating the embassy by renewing the waiver every six months. Read more at Hat tip to Jihad Watch.

    So the AssWholes declare war. Big deal! They have been waging war against us since 1776 [Barbary Pirates] [Who shot Bobby Kennedy?]. For 19 years, Jordan illegally occupied Jerusalem, expelled Jews, destroyed their property and desecrated cemeteries. And they call it war when we put our Embassy in Israel's rightful capital which never was the capital city of any other entity: There is no good reason why Jews should not ascend the Temple Mount, pray and rebuild the Temple! There is no good reason why Muslims should occupy israel! Bibi: send them home!

 God damn!!!  Words are insufficient to express my contempt for the supremacist usurpers who unlawfully occupy Jerusalem. .

    This obnoxious effrontery must not stand. We must not be intimidated. We must raise high the impudent digit of contumacious defiance and do what is right and just.  The SandSharks & United Nazis don't like it: tell them to go to Hell!

    @President Donald J. Trump: I call upon you to keep your campaign promise: move the Embassy to Jerusalem as soon as possible, without compromise; without apology.  If, like the traitors who held your office before you, you waive the move on national security or any other grounds, my voice will be among those calling for impeachment.

    Failing to keep your promise to move the embassy wold destroy your credibility and mark your consequence as another lying opportunistic demagogue.


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Debi Brand said...

"Failing to keep your [President Elect Trump]promise to move the embassy wold destroy your credibility and mark your consequence as another lying opportunistic demagogue."

Amen, Ben. Well stated, across the board in your above post. Well stated.

Such failure would just add Trump's name--thus, the name of the U.S. of A.--to the endless list of the shame-worthy cowards before us, who, in face of Islam and Muhammad and his army, capitulated to terms the Muslims demanded.