Thursday, May 25, 2017

Always, believers walk among the Muslims

Always, believers walk among the Muslims

(Originally posted at Opposing Islam)

In the article linked to below by Robert Spencer, posted at Jihad Watch, as stated in it's title, UK: Manchester mayor Andy Burnham says jihad mass murderer was “not a Muslim”; to that, I add as follows:

Just as skin and muscle each have their respective uniqueness and purpose, so it is with the Muslim and the believer.

In the words of the men of knowledge in Islam, “Every believer is a Muslim. However, not every Muslim is a believer.” (Taymiyyah, Kitab Al-Iman, P. 20; so too,  “verily I see him a believer. The Messenger of Allah (SAW) [said]; (Nay, not so) but a Muslim.”)

And, much like the skin covers, conceals, and protects the muscle, so it is with the Muslim ummah providing safekeeping, nourishment, protection and comfort for the believer.

Additionally, as is so with skin and muscle, though one may, in some instances, see beneath the skin the shape and development of respective muscle; unless by forceful effort or deliberate intent the muscle is exposed, it remains hidden and safeguarded by the skin of the body.

So it is with the believer: he/she, unless exposed by force–oftentimes, that force explosive– he/she remains covered, safeguarded and ensconced within the body of Muhammad’s Ummah, the body of Muslims. And if healthy, when called upon, that muscle delivers.

Hence the need for that body of Muslims, albeit, many in it, knowingly, less than believers.

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