Monday, May 15, 2017

“McMaster Drags Trump Into the Swamp, ” writes Robert Spencer

"McMaster Drags Trump Into the Swamp, " writes Robert Spencer

(as originally posted at Opposing Islam)

Source: Robert Spencer: McMaster Drags Trump Into the Swamp

“Here we go again,” accurately states Robert Spencer in the above posted at Jihad Watch, with respect to Presidents Trump’s reported goals on his upcoming trip to the Mideast.

“If President Trump’s National Security Adviser, H. R. McMaster,” adds Spencer, “ wields influence over the President,”  which, of course McMaster does and will or he would not be in the position he is in; thus, states Spencer, “Trump is now set to repeat all the mistakes that his last two predecessors made in dealing with the global jihad threat.”

Indeed he is. Well stated Robert.

Fact is, given Trumps noted penchant to outdo others, set new records, be the “best” ever in efforts he embraces; he very likely will soon leave his predecessors, drudging, as it were, through the “hostile” thickets of Islamophobiaites, while he, with unfurled-and-whipping-in-the-wind flag of Islam in-hand, skips over the backs of the said "phobiaites."

And with that flag, he, with McMaster proceeding him, head for the world stage.

Once there, they will spike that flag in the soft soil of hearts and minds. Declaring, thereby establishing, once and for all time, Islam be accepted, thus regarded as precisely what he and McMaster, and others, already propagate it to be: one of the “three of the world's greatest religions.”

Spencer further states, “For a man who won the presidency promising to drain the swamp,” and, as touched on above, did so on the backs of those who want that swamp drained, “this is an extraordinary disappointment.”

“Extraordinary disappointment” indeed.

Robert also states, “McMaster said that Trump in the Middle East ‘will develop a strong, respectful message that the United States and the entire civilized world expects our Muslim allies to take a strong stance against radical Islamist ideology.’”

And on that Robert has this to state:

In Washington, “respect” in this context is all too often a code word for an assurance that the United States will take no official (or non-official) notice of the fact that the motivating ideology of jihad terrorists worldwide comes from the Qur’an and Sunnah. We will pledge not to know our enemy, and hence not to understand or be able to counter him effectively.

Well stated, Spencer.

As I posted in another thread at JW, in speaking to this same betrayal, idiocy, and cowardice in face of Islam; since Trump first made known his “only a suggestion” adjustment on his declared “Muslim ban”; “all too often, steadily, he has shown growing distance between his willingness to regard Islam for what its orthodox works show it to be. All the while, closing the span between himself and exercised alacrity to pretend Islam is what fools concerning it and liars on behalf of it state it is.”

Brief on Israel: as a candidate, Trump promised to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. Now, on that too, he slithers away from.


Thus, as Robert accurately states, “if he [“President Drain The Swamp”] continues down the road that McMaster claims he intends to travel … he will … fail.”

Fail indeed. Burn and crash—in that order.

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