Saturday, May 13, 2017

Trump enters Mecca

Trump enters Mecca

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The above post, courtesy of Jihad Watch.

“Trump will ‘call for Muslim leaders to promote a peaceful vision of Islam,'” or, said another way, Trump enters Mecca.

Does so, with McMasters walking before him doing as did Abdallah b. Rawahah, on the day in which “theMessenger of God entered Mecca on that lesser pilgrimage,” when Abdallah b. Rawahah, proceeded him, “holding his [“Messenger of Allah”] camel’s nose…” and in brief, doing–as McMaster does now– singing the praises of “Allah,” “His Messenger,” and Islam. (Tabari.)


Then why in God’s name is Trump spending lives and funds in an effort to kill the most faithful to one of those three “greatest religions”– The troops of IS?

“He will call for Muslim leaders to promote a peaceful vision of Islam”? No kidding?

Then he will ask them to promote a lie. Congruently, as did and do his predecessors, concerning Islam, Trump and his Advisers will ask America to accept and swallow their dish up of fabrications.

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