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Commemorating Ramadan

Commemorating Ramadan
(Originally post by dlbrand May 28, 2017 OpposingIslam)

The biggest reason we regard and “celebrate” Ramadan is to show our reverence for the alleged “Prophet of Islam," who allegedly was born in the month of Ramadan. Who allegedly began to receive the revelation during the month of Ramadan. Who knew many a victory in the expansion of the rule of Islam during the “sacred” month of Ramadan.
Thus, for such reasons, to show our respect for all within the purview of “Allah’s Messenger” and  the message he brought, the “revelation” he allegedly received, we render homage to the “holy month of Ramadan.”
It is our way of, as touched on above, honoring “Allah’s Messenger.” Honoring him for the message he brought. The doctrines, the teachings.
It is because of the “greatness” and “superiority” of that message and doctrine, as we all know, as the esteemed Qadi Iyad provides in Ash-Shifa, “Allah made it obligatory to respect the Prophet and be dutiful to him.”  (P. 374.)
With respect to the “Prophet” and the mandatory respect for him, Qadi Iyad also provides, “Anyone who curses him, reviles him, finds fault in him or disparages him is killed. The community say that he should be killed just like the dualist.” (Ibid.)
Iyad provides:
Any Muslim who reviles the Prophet is killed or crucified without being asked to repent. The Imam can choose between crucifying him or killing him.” In the variant of Abu ‘l-Musab and Ibn Abi Uways, they heard Malik say, “Anyone who curses the Messenger of Allah, or disparages him is killed, be he Muslim or unbeliever, without being asked to repent.”
Asbagh said, “He is killed in every case, whether he conceals it or makes it public, without being asked to repent because his repentance is not recognized.” (Ibid, P.374.)

Iyad has much more the same to state on the same, but it is probably of little import, thus not worth our knowing, as long as we get, put to memory and to practice, “Allah made it obligatory to respect the Prophet and be dutiful to him.”
And as our President stated in his statement released on Ramadan, “At its core, the spirit of Ramadan strengthens awareness of our shared obligation….”
Boy, that's a fact, for darn sure, Sir. Therefore, be assured, we will adjust accordingly.

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