Friday, July 16, 2010

Geller vs Ramey

Pamela Geller posted a video of a joint interview with Ibrahim Ramey, who said some things that must be rebutted.

It goes sour for me right off the bat when Ibrahim Ramey is introduced as affiliated with the Muslim American Society. After seeing the results of Balkanization in Czechoslovakia & Yugoslavia, I am compelled to say that I am an American. If you are a hypenated-American, and you ain't happy here, then its time to go home. So, go.

Two and one half minutes into the video, Ramey says that 9/11 was a "criminal attack, not an Islamic attack". That malicious malarkey raises my blood pressure significantly. I am PO'd. It is a good thing I was not within reach of him when he said that, because it would have precipitated a criminal act. That attack was planned over a span of eight years, by Muslims, motivated by the damnable doctrines of conquest, terror and genocide enshrined in the Qur'an and exemplified in the sunnah of their damned Profit. That attack was carried out by Muslims, who pronounced the takbir while slitting the throats of the flight crews.

When some damned Muslim slits a pilot's throat in the name of Allah and you assert that his act was not Islamic, I need to reach out and wipe the smirk off your face. It is equivalent to saying that the conquest of India and genocide of the Hindus was not Islamic or that the Assyrian & Armenian genocides were not Islamic. The denial of obvious truth is malicious and malignant. It must be repudiated.

Next, Ramey says that Muslims have First Amendment rights, like other Americans, in terms of freedom of religion. Yes, they do, because the founders of this nation, in their haste & process of compromise, and not anticipating that Muslims might immigrate at some future time, neglected to include a definition of religion in the Bill of Rights. Legitimate religions have spiritual and benevolent missions, they do good, not harm. Islam has a mercenary mission and is responsible for the early deaths of 270*106 people in the last 1400 years.

Is there a right to wage war upon us because we do not submit to your 'religion'? Is there a right to kill us, rape our widows, enslave our orphans and seize our property? All of those evils are inseverable parts of the practice of Islam and can neither be neglected nor expunged from it. If Jihad is possible in a given year, and is not performed, all who knew of the obligation are in sin.

If there is a right to practice Islam, then our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are voided because, as Moe said, our blood and property are not sacred to Muslims.

Next, he issued a denial of collective guilt. I did not hear Geller or anyone else assert that all Muslims are guilty of the Abomination. In my view, all who admired the act, who sympathized with its perpetrators, who celebrated or experienced schadenfreude share some the guilt. If you are a Muslim, and you disclaim that guilt, then in order to believe you I need to hear you sincerely abjure Surat al-Anfal, at-Taubah, al-Fath & as-Saff. You won't do that, because you can't do it and remain Muslim, so I will never believe you.

To add insult to injury, he asserts that Muslims are trying to establish a "new relationship with America" and "new relationships with the people of the United States. How can one discuss this without profanity? If they are Americans, then they are citizens of America and fellow citizens with us. No other relationship is possible. If they are Muslims, then they are predators and we are prey. Which are they???

He says that there are "numerous memorials" to the decedents. Show me an enumerated list, please; I believe that the politicians are still haggling over the design and execution of the Ground Zero Memorial, and the one in Pennsylvania is a crescent memorializing the ideology of the perpetrators, not the victims. He does not want to conflate the idea of a memorial into that of the right of Muslims to have a Mosque. When Muslims conquered India, they tore down the temples and replaced them with Mosques. They built two Mosques on the rubble of the Jewish Temple. They turned churches in Constantinople into Mosques. They build Mosques as a symbol of Islamic supremacy and that is exactly what the Cordoba House proposal is. They are rubbing our faces in the blood and decomposing flesh of the victims! If the insult does not bring you to the brink of incontinence, you may be taking too many tranquilizers.


Citizen Warrior said...

Your petition is great, but there is a link near the end to the Ban Islam petition, and that link is dead.

You can fix and update petitions on Care2.

This is the petition I'm referring to:

Congratulations on being important enough to be banned by the Pakistan government. It is an honor I am hoping someday to achieve with my blog,

Ben said...

Dear Citizen Warrior,
Pakistan supposedly banned 17 sites, but only 13 were expressly named in the articles I was able to find. Several of them only named this blog, two of them named a specific post.

It is possible that your blog could be one of the undisclosed ban victims.

I did not put the petition links in this post because it was getting late and the post was already too verbose, not to mention incendiary.

I am not getting clarity on the location of the broken link. In any case, readers can use the link to the petitions page at the Armory, unlike the sidebar, it has been recently updated.

Just as things were cooling off a little, Fox News did a piece on Paki searches for porno. They named this blog at the end of the story as an exemplar of the ban.

Times of India picked it up and inserted a link. Perhaps half a dozen readers used it, most are using Google. Some Google searches contain the full url, one of them had a fully qualified reference to this post in the search term.

There is a hunger for information out there. This blog usually gets up to 18 page views per day, most from Asia. They are searching for which is at the top of the SERP.

For the last three days, its been >1000 and the return visits have been a significant multiple of the normal traffic.

It took a while, but I wised up. I am not convinced that they will let me update it. I think that POL pulled down Lorenzo's petition. IQP is where it is because I was not able to post it at POL.

Thanks for your endorsement! If you like, you can copy the script in the widget, easiest to recover from the Armory, and paste it into your blog.

Mmk said...

Ban christianity the porno religion and hypocrite and false religion.
What christianity has given to the world only destruction atleast in my view it is same with the non-Islam religions. If this debate continues it is going no where, avoid terrorists attacks linking with Islam what about religions, do we think that they are innocent. Close the debate and solve the conflicts peacefully among peoples.
Islam does not say to kill people because they do not follow Islam, it says to attack people who does not want peace and wants to kill you,it is as simple as that.
All the wars and destruction created by christianity and Jews people. Nothing wrong with the religions find fault with the who creates it.

Follow what you think is right with out harming other people let all live peacefully without opening this christian sites attacking other religions, look at your religon first.

Ben said...

MMK is one of those hurting people who has been enslaved by the demon to whom he submits, in the delusion that it is God.

Let us pray for the salvation of MMK and the 1.3 billion other living victims of Islam even as we continue to reveal the truth about the war cult.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Jefferson wrote the following regarding the Virginia Act for Religious Freedom:

"Where the preamble declares, that coercion is a departure from the plan of the holy author of our religion, an amendment was proposed by inserting "Jesus Christ," so that it would read "A departure from the plan of Jesus Christ, the holy author of our religion;" the insertion was rejected by the great majority, in proof that they meant to comprehend, within the mantle of its protection, the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and Mohammedan, the Hindoo and Infidel of every denomination."

It seems YOUR beliefs are out of line with those of the founding fathers and with the very idea of liberty that this nation was founded upon.

Ben said...

Which of the founding fathers desired to permit coercion in religious matters?

It seems, Anonymous, that the concept of reciprocity escaped you.

Islam is not tolerant; it demands the destruction of all alternative belief systems and seeks to impose itself by force of arms.

Islam can not be tolerated precisely because it demands that our Constitution be replaced by the Qur'an and our statutes by Snari'ah.

Why should we tolerate on our soil the presence of an institution and people in a permanent state of war against us?

I no of no good cause why the United States of America should comitt national suicide.