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Counter Jihad: Outlaw Islam and its Texts!

Counter Jihad: Outlaw Islam and its Texts! Every time Muslims and their dhimmis bitterly bitch about exposing Allah as an impotent, demonic idol  and Moe as a false prophet, barbarian, lecher, child molester and profiteer, we need to slap them down with the fatal facts of Islam from its own canon of scripture, tradition, exegesis, jurisprudence and biography.   Muslims and their dhimis demand censorship because it is impossible to refute the fatal facts of Islam.  That task is hopeless!

    Demands for  imposition of Islamic blasphemy laws must be met with contumacious contradiction: demands that Islam be stripped of its false mantle of religion and outlawed, its slaves emancipated and its institutions closed forever.  The Qur'an and hadith are in flagrant violation of international human rights covenants which outlaw racist supremacism, incitement to hatred,  violence & genocide.


    If defamation of Allah and Moe is to be outlawed, then how about defamation of Jesus Christ? The G'd'd Qur'an denies Christ's patrimony, deity, crucifixion, death & resurrection and  hadith depicts him as a genocidal warlord who will lead Muslims in the final genocide of the Jews.  I disrespectfully direct doubters, dissenters & deniers to: where they can obtain a clue.

    If incitement to violence is to be  outlawed, then consider Surahs Al-Anfal & At-Taubah of the G'd'd Qur'an and the books of Jihad & Expedition of the various collections of hadith. Consider also Reliance of the Traveller, Book O, Chapter 9.  By your own standards, Islam must be outlawed!  I disrespectfully direct doubters, dissenters & deniers to : , where they can obtain a clue.

    The video: Innocence of Muslims and the Islamic and  political reactions to it have spurred the creation of a series of blog posts which are cataloged below.

Innocence of Muslims Update: OIC Demands Blasphemy Law

    This post reproduces and dissects, concept by concept, the OIC's contumacious demand for international imposition of Islamic blasphemy law which I presume was delivered by Zamir Akram, Pakistan's U.N. Ambassador.  A brief commentary and four critical questions proceed the embedded video Innocence of Muslims. which is followed by the text of the contumacious demand. 

    Crucial concepts in the screed are represented by H1 headers followed by flaming hot commentary laced with links to Islam's canon.  Quotes include selections from the Qur'an & Sahih Bukhari, the First Amendment, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. 

    The sections dealing with respect & tolerance and peace & security in the final paragraphs push extra  buttons. 

Morsi @ UN: Spew of Feces

    This post provides a link to the statement of Egypt's President Morsi, presents some crucial quotes and tears them apart with H1 headers leading to the flames.  Quotes include George Washington Reliance of the Traveller and Hedaya with several links to the Qur'an and ahadith documenting the nexus between Islam and terrorism.  Last but not least is the embedded video. 

Yudhoyono @ UN: Spew of Feces

    This post provides a link to Indonesia's statement and quotes the most important paragraphs.  Like the other posts in this Spew of Feces series, it uses H1 headers to contain crucial concepts and tears them apart with links to Islam's canon.  One section features the embedded video. 

Zardari @ UN: Spew of Feces

    Pakistan's statement is nine pages long. I extracted the important turds, represented them with H1 headers and tore them apart with links to the Islam's canon and The Qur'anic Concept of WarInnocence of Muslims is embedded twice due to a software glitch and careless editing. The first installment of another, more academic video using artwork and narrative from Sira is also embedded.

Obamination @ UN Spew of Feces

    Unlike the other posts in this series, this one does not contain the video. Obamination's treachery & hypocrisy are documented with a full transcript of his spew of feces, with selected turds ensconced in H1 headers and refuted with reference to Islam's canon.

Innocence of Muslims Update: High Commissioner for Human Rights

    The statement is short, but tightly packed with turds, which are extracted to H1 headers and flushed with citations to Islam's canon.  Video of the statement is included along with Innocence of Muslims and a new Pat Condell video which makes things explicitly clear. The post concludes with a George Washington quote.

United Nations Response to Innocence of Muslims: Treason Against Humanity!

    Though he is out of office, the President of the 66th  gets the same treatment as the other traitors to the human race. A link to the statement is followed by an outline of its salient points.  The video is embedded, and quotes from Montesqieu, J.Q. Adams and Churchill are included.  Islamic blasphemy laws would make those statements illegal.  Links include the Qur'an & hadith. 

Innocence of Muslims Update: White House Press Secy

    That spew of feces gets the same treatment as the others, though it is mercifully shorter.  The video is embedded, too. 

Innocence of Islam Update: FOREIGN MINISTER AL-OTHMANI Morocco

    Short and bitter, this screed gets the same treatment including the video. 

Innocence of Muslims Update:Clinton’s Crap

    The bitch makes my ears itch, so I did not watch the video, I read and reproduced the transcript.  This post does not include the video but it has Qur'an and hadith quotes. 

Innocence of Muslims: True or False; You Be The Judge!

    Readers asked, so I answered. The conceptual content of the video is essentially true.  I back that conclusion up with copious quotes from Islam's canon including Ishaq, Tabari & Ibn Sa'd's sira.   This post is long and detailed, with links to available source documents possible.

Innocence of Muslims Update: Muslim Brotherhood Spews Snake Feces!

    The entire spew of turd is reproduced and dissected with H1 headers and quotes from Islam's canon with the video embedded at the end of the post. 

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