Sunday, September 09, 2012

Undemocratic Party Denies Will of Its Base

Undemocratic Party Denies Will of Its Base Democratic National Convention chairman Antonio Villaraigosa  presided over a Convention vote on two amendments to the platform.  One amendment restored attribution of human potential  as "God given", the other recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  The purpose of the amendments, supported by President Obama, was to present a false front of piety to God and fidelity to our only genuine ally in the Middle East. 

    Since Socialism substitutes the State for God, the party's base rejects all affirmation of God.  Since Socialists hate Israel and love her enemies, they reject the concept of a united Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  But both amendments passed with a  "2/3" vote. How can that be?

    Only the subjectivity of a voice vote made it possible.  Any objective observer can easily determine that the nays have it in this video clip.

  The amendments were clearly voted down.  But the chairman repeated the vote twice before declaring the amendments passed, an outcome obviously contrary to the will of the delegates. .

    Obama's surrogates said that he supports Jerusalem as the capital of Israel but every year, he signs a waver declaring that moving our embassy is not in the national interest and at every opportunity he says that the status of Jerusalem must be the subject of negotiations.  

    The Islamic position is that Israel must surrender Jerusalem before there can be any negotiations.  It is obvious to any objective observer that the President is a liar and the platform is a lie, arrived at in contravention of the name of the party.  The voting process was autocratic, not democratic. 

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