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Zardari @ UN: Spew of Feces

Zardari @ UN: Spew of Feces Zardari @ UN: Spew of Feces

    Since the screed is in the form of a nine page pdf file, and I am unable to maintain its original format through OCR, I have provided a link and will reproduce only the choice turds I decide to refute.  I am chiefly interested in the demand of Pakistan and the OIC for international imposition of Islamic blasphemy law. 

Bismilla hirrahmaan irrahim

Allah's spokesman

    Like Iran's President, Zardari is an arrogant AssWhole who imagines himself on the caliph's throne.  We know where he is coming from. 

Before I take up my speech, I want to express the strongest condemnation for the acts of
incitement of hate against the faith of billions of Muslims of the world and our beloved prophet,
Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

    Although we can never condone violence, the International community must not become silent
observers and should criminalize such acts that destroy the peace of the world and endanger
world security by misusing freedom of expression.

    Pakistan moves the United Nations to immediately address this alarming concern and bridge the
widening rift to enable the comity of nations to be one again.

acts of incitement

    Uttering and publishing Innocence of Muslims is not an act of incitement.  Uttering and publishing Fitna is not an act of incitement. Uttering and publishing The Prophet of Doom is not an act of incitement.  Trying and burning the Koran and an effigy of Moe is not an act of incitement.  Kutbah at Jumah Salat that include chants of Allahu Akbar & Jihad! Jihad! Jihad! are incitement. 

    Allah's Imperatives, threat & promise are incitement.  Islamic law is incitement: Reliance of the Traveller O9.8-14Hedaya 2:9:1:140. Placards reading "Behead Those Who Insult the Prophet!" are incitement.  Fatwa offering rewards for assassinating  the creator of the video are incitement. 

    Contumacious demands for imposition of Islamic blasphemy law incite us to redouble our efforts to expose the damnable doctrines of Islam and warn our fellow citizens of impending danger to our lives and liberties. 

Terrorism and extremism have destroyed human lives, tom social fabric, and devastated the

Terrorism and extremism

    Malignant malarkey!!! "Its Islam, stupid!" 'Terrorists' &  'extremists' are believers. Believers are only those who fight in Allah's cause, which is global conquest, killing others and being killed.  Believers are defined in the context of Surah Al-Anfal 1-6, 9:111 and 49:15.  Muslims are commanded to obey Allah, who commanded them to wage perpetual war against Pagans and People of the Book. Muslims are commanded to deal harshly with defeated victims so as to strike terror into the hearts of those to be attacked next. Muslims are commanded to maximize their military power so as to terrify their enemies. Allah declared that he would cast terror and did cast terror, so that a Jewish settlement suffered genocide, enslavement and dispossession.

    Moe bragged that he was made victorious by fear cast by Allah and by terror.  Muslims are commanded to emulate Moe and promised extra credit toward an upgrade in Allah's Celestial Bordello for any act of terrorism

    During the regime of Zia Ul-Haq, Brig. S.K. Malik wrote a strategy manual for the Pakistani Army.  That little book has a clue for you. 

This paragraph comes from the bottom of page 59. [Emphasis added.]

Terror struck into the hearts of the enemies is not only
a means, it is the end in itself. Once a condition of terror into
the opponent's heart is obtained, hardly anything is left to be
achieved. It is the point where the means and the end meet
and merge. Terror is not a means of imposing decision upon
the enemy; it is me decision we wish to impose upon him.

There is one necessary prerequisite for instilling terror: the destruction of our faith. Islam's strong faith shields Muslims from being terrorized. This paragraph comes from page 60. [Emphasis added.]

Terror cannot be struck into the hearts of an army by merely
 cutting its lines of communication or depriving it of its routes
of withdrawal. It is basically related to the strength or weakness
of the human soul. It can be instilled only if the opponent's
Faith is destroyed. Psychological dislocation is temporary;
spiritual dislocation is permanent. Psychological dislocation can be
produced by a physical act but this does not hold good of the
spiritual dislocation. To instill terror into the hearts of the enemy, 
it is essential. in the ultimate analysis, to dislocate his Faith. An
invincible Faith is immune to terror. A weak Faith offers inroads
to terror. The Faith conferred upon us by the Holy Qur'an has
the inherent strength to ward off terror from us and to enable
us to strike terror into the enemy. Whatever the form or type of
strategy directed against the enemy, it must, in order to be effective,
be capable of striking terror into the hearts of the enemy. A strategy
that fails to attain this condition suffers from inherent drawbacks
and weaknesses; and should be reviewed and modified. This rule
is fully applicable to nuclear as well as conventional wars. It is
equally true of the strategy of nuclear deterrence in fashion
today. To be credible and effective, the strategy of deterrence
must be capable of striking terror into the hearts of the enemy.


Ending Jihad & Terrorism

    The worthy goal of genuine peace and security can only be attained by eliminating Islam from the face of the earth. That requires destroying their faith: inducing mass apostasy among the Ummah by exposing them to the fatal facts of Islam including the character and actions of Allah & Moe. Innocence of Muslims points the way, but is incapable and insufficient.A few literate Muslims are searching the web with inquiries about the truth of the video. They want to know if it accurately reflects Moe and the war cult he founded.  Some of them are making a discovery through my blog post on that subject.  Unfortunately, the majority of the Ummah can not read.  Video is the most effective way to reach them.  Amateurish productions will not cut the mustard.  A full length feature documentary is required. Scripts have been prepared, but nobody has the SISU required to under take the production.  Our government should do it but will not.  

The video: 

To verify the validity of the content of the video above, visit:

There is at least one narrative based on Martin Ling's Sira.  I suspect that this is one of them.  The English narration is accompanied by classic artwork.  I listened to enough to know that it is accurate.   There is more detail about assassination of critics than I expected.

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